History – The Station at Riverdale Park



Riversdale Mansion

After daughter Rosalie Stiers marries George Calvert – a member of Maryland’s founding family—the couple finishes construction of the Riversdale Mansion, which now stands as a National Historic Landmark in Prince George’s County.


MacAlpine Ice House

The Calvert family builds the MacAlpine Ice House, an underground facility used to store ice on their farm. Built of brick, the MacAlpine Ice House is in excellent preservation in The Station at Riverdale Park.


MacAlpine Farm

Charles Baltimore Calvert, son of George Calvert, builds MacAlpine Farm in the town of Riverdale Park along with his wife, Eleanor Mackubin. MacAlpine Farm grew tobacco for export and raised a variety of crops.


Engineering Research Corporation (ERCO)

Aeronautical engineer Henri Berliner builds the Engineering Research Corporation (ERCO) research facility just east of the town of Riverdale Park. The facility specialized in the construction and design of a small type of single-propeller aircraft.


Calvert Homes

The National Capital Housing Authority builds Calvert Homes to accommodate war-industry workers and their families.



In order to provide prospective homebuyers with transportations to their jobs in Washington D.C., a trolley is introduced to the town of Riverdale Park. The City & Suburban Railway establishes a station on the Calvert family’s property in exchange for a rail right-of-way Streetcar system.