The Cafritz property will be designed using sustainable principles. The redevelopment of the Cafritz Property will provide residents and visitors easy access to the Metro system at College Park, the MARC system at Riverdale Park, and the future Purple Line station on River Road, east of the site. Additionally, the property will be serviced by several bus lines and will provide trail and pedestrian connections onsite. The project will provide the opportunity for residents to live and work on the site, or quickly access the regions’ public transit network. This concept of sustainable urban development near transit will give site users realistic opportunities to reduce their dependence on the use of automobiles. As noted above, SWM will be a key development component. The SWM provided on the property will control runoff from the site, protecting water quality and providing some control of the 100 year flood because of the undersized storm drain (48 inch) which runs from the CSX line to River Road and to the existing pond east of Rivertech Court. Additionally, the control provided in the riverine SWM area will be part of the solution to flooding in Wells Run, by managing the 100 year runoff from the Cafritz property.

Sustainability will also be achieved through the efficient use of resources. Rain water can be harvested to provide irrigation for landscape and green area. Materials and plantings will be used to reduce the heat island effect. During the construction process, waste material will be managed and recycled, regional and renewable materials will be used.